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     Catched socioeconomic development of country in industrialization phase, the manufacture automobile phylum and auxiliary industry phylum has been changed and grow up powerful. At that time, we included someone had confidential in manufacture and trade field together to found Son Duong Star company

     The commercial limited liability company Son Duong Star has been established in accordance with the resolution No 0102004488 of Ha Noi Planning and Investment Department issued on March 5th 2003 with such functors as manufacturing and trading automotive coating and other kind of industrial coating. In the past years, the company has established successfully its trade mark as MD AUTO PAINT.

     As present, Sao Son Duong is one of the pioneer companies in the field of manufacturing and trading automotive coating and other industrial coating. We have been maintaining and growing at a high rate on all fields. We have a group of highly- qualified staff and modern machines and equipment to meet every dermand of every customer.

    We company not only trade every automotive coating product but also manufacture paint with raw materials and technologies mainly has been imported from Germany and European countries. MD AUTO PAINT is a high-ranking paint series, had technology feature and quality standard on the top in the world.

    Customer network mainly of our company is the car factory, manufacture car, motorbike and all automotive coats distribution agent in nationwide. Besides, we had refinish system for repair garage professionally.

    We always believe that: the support and co-operation of customers are the belief, motivation and to decide our existence


     About our logo :


     Son Duong Star company had formal logo when establisher is a D red word, this word has been joined by many small piece. The D fully made was in one red roof house and yellow column. One small piece symbolized for one agent in company of a fully constituted company. The D word was a house symbolized for solidarity to construct a brand name strongly. The red of logo manifested to want growth harmoniously, the yellow manifested to want thriving of company and every agent.

     In short, our logo manifest decisive of every agent in company: “ to steer a sodustar ship growingly ”


     Struggle target :


     Become one of the top company VietNam in the field of manufacturing and trading automotive coating and other industrial coating

     Become one of company has work environment and agent treat policy best in VietNam


     Orient growth :


      Keep and to grow in all aspects

      Catch new technology advancedly in the world and to satisfy all demand more and more of customer

      Ready with the manufacture automobile phylum and auxiliary industry phylum of VietNam integrate WTO